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The words 'home' and 'work' are becoming increasingly synonymous as more and more people take advantage of today's dynamic communication technologies and elect to run their businesses and professional lives from the comfort of their own homes.

Demographic studies show that over the next five years more than 20 per cent of Britain's working population will opt to use their domestic surroundings as their place of work.

The onset of e-mail, e-commerce and audio-visual conferencing facilities means it makes more sense than ever before to transform your home into a place of business and leisure - eliminating the stresses of commuting and maximising your time whether it be for work or pleasure.

Robert David Design has been created to play a pivotal role in accommodating this changing lifestyle - your changing lifestyle.

We will help you achieve a unique and personalised environment by providing you with beautifully crafted home study furniture that reflects your everyday needs and values and is ergonomically sound and totally fit for purpose.

We listen to what you want and then, with innovative flair and impeccable standards, we craft a luxurious surrounding perfectly attuned to you as an individual to give you a home office like no other.

The Robert David Design collection exudes quality and style with exquisite features born from expert craftsmanship and an almost limitless choice of rich and distinctive finishes.

Our exclusive home study furniture will enable you to create your own customised inner sanctum of quality space to enrich your daily life and provide you with a sound investment that will last a lifetime.

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